Resound | Part 4 | Pastor Jon Adams

Merry Christmas! This Sunday, we have reason to celebrate as we gather to cap off a month of worship. That’s what this December sermon series has been all about -- learning to “worthship” and laud the name of Jesus!

As we continue looking at Luke 2, we’ll examine one more aspect of worship -- the response of worship. Most of us know Luke for the parts of the story that we’ve studied so far -- Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, the birth of Christ, the shepherds. But there’s more to Jesus’ birth than that. We’ll travel to a few locations, including a king’s palace and the temple of God, to find responses to Jesus now that Immanuel, "God with us", has arrived.

We will examine what responses God desires from us in worship, and we’ll have one more opportunity to laud his name together this Christmas season.

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