Remarkable | Part 6 | Pastor Chris Heller   This week, we will look at 1 Peter 2:17-25 and examine Peter’s call to the church to submit to the authori...View Details

Remarkable | Part 5 | Pastor Chris Heller Do we build our house on the rocks or on the sand? The key to stability is having a firm foundation. When ou...View Details

Remarkable | Part 4 | Pastor Chris Heller This week we will continue our Remarkable series in 1 Peter 1:17-25.  Peter will be encouraging his audience...View Details

Remarkable | Part 3 | Pastor Chris Heller Peter has laid a foundation for his suffering audience that is based on the hope and joy they have in antici...View Details

Remarkable | Part 2 | Pastor Chris Heller   Last week we began our series in 1 Peter by focusing on the believer’s remarkable hope despite the times o...View Details

REMARKABLE | Part 1 | Pastor Chris Heller We are excited to begin our new series in 1 Peter this week!  What kind of book would you expect Jesus’ "bul...View Details


Remarkable | 1 Peter | Pastor Chris Heller Regardless of our personal views, we all find ourselves living in a divided society that is being bombarded...View Details

Voyagers | Part 9 | Pastor Chris Heller   Paul was told by the Lord that he would preach the gospel to the Gentiles in Rome. He leaped out in faith as...View Details

Voyagers | Part 8 | Pastor Jon Adams Last week  we left Paul out on the open sea, battered by a powerful storm, but clinging to a promise from God tha...View Details

Voyagers | Part 7 | Pastor Chris Heller   There is a type of faith that can trust and obey despite discouraging times, difficult circumstances, and pe...View Details

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