We continue our Sojourners series in Acts 16 as we follow Paul on his way to an influential mom named Lydia.  We pray this part of the journey where P...View Details

We live in a time period weighed down by conflict. Voices of anger, frustration, annoyance, disrespect and judgment are reigning down all around us. P...View Details

What can we learn about the life of a Sojourner? We get a picture of what its like to live a life called to God. When you live a life of serving God, ...View Details

What does it mean to be a Sojourner?   Our Sojourners Series launches into the second half of Acts, as we look at chapter 13 and Paul's first missiona...View Details

Join us as we deepen our understanding of what it truly means to be a sojourner here on earth.  We will look at three key characteristics from the lif...View Details

Do not fear, only believe. Fear is the enemy of faith. We Jesus’ kids fall down before Him, He’s there to help you. A relentless faith is a rewarding ...View Details

Has Jesus just become a truth you believe in, or is He a personal truth that you fully trust? Martha knew Jesus and knew the theology that He would ev...View Details

In this sermon, we wrap up the first part of Acts and conclude our Pioneers Series. Our next series, SOJOURNERS, will continue in Acts  and we hope yo...View Details

What can triumph over partiality? Do you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly? Jesus is the type that would pull up a chair and sit with you! Jesus ...View Details

God shows no partiality. The gospel is not limited to a certain group of people but instead everyone can receive it. Peter was willing to tell anyone...View Details

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