Jericho Walls | Part 6 | Pastor Chris Heller   Do you have a good memory? Maybe you find you easily forget things, whether it be a person’s name, a sc...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 5 | Pastor Chris Heller   Happy Father’s Day. This week we continue in our Jericho Walls series and learn what it means to be an ...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 4 | Pastor Chris Heller   This week in our Jericho Walls series we will meet a young woman trapped in a sordid past. Wounds have ...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 3 | Pastor Chris Heller   This week we continue our Jericho Walls series with a new wall to knock down -- the wall of generationa...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 2 | Pastor Chris Heller   This week we open the book of Joshua (1:1-9).  It is often thought that people who struggle with anxiet...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 1 | Pastor Chris Heller This Sunday we will begin a new 10-part sermon series entitled "Jericho Walls."  We will be studying the ...View Details

Mother’s Day 2022

Mother's Day | 2022 | Pastor Doug Henning   This week we will take a pause between sermon series' to offer a salute and encouragement to Moms on this ...View Details

Majestic | Part 9 | Pastor Chris Heller   This Sunday, we will conclude our spring sermon series, Majestic. We trust this series has been a wonderful ...View Details

Majestic | Part 8 | Pastor Chris Heller   As we enter our final two weeks of the Majestic series, we trust this study of the names of God has helped y...View Details

Easter Sunday | Tomorrow

Easter Sunday 2022 | Pastor Chris Heller Should we be worried about the state of our world, the condition of morality, the future of the church? Jesus...View Details

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