Majestic | Part 3 | Pastor Chris Heller This Sunday, we will continue our names of God series by taking a look at the name YAHWEH.  Join us as we trav...View Details

Majestic | Part 2 | Pastor Chris Heller Have you ever heard someone say, “You need to let God fight this battle for you”?  Or someone has offered reas...View Details

Majestic | Pastor Chris Heller | Part 1 We are so excited to begin Week of Prayer this Sunday with the sermon, “How Majestic!” More than ten years ago...View Details

Vision Sunday | February 13, 2022 Pastor Chris will provide an update on the Renew Bible Church vision and share what God has been doing over the past...View Details

Resolved | Part 5 | Pastor Chris Heller This week, we will resolve to finish our hike through the book of 2 Peter (3:1-18). We have heard about the pr...View Details

Resolved | Part 4 | Pastor Chris Heller   Last week, we were assured by Peter that no scripture is a product of cleverly devised tales, but instead, i...View Details

Resolved | Part 3 | Pastor Chris Heller   Last week, we went out of our way to commit to memory "VKSSGBL", the seven qualities Peter was determined to...View Details

Resolved | Part 2 | Pastor Chris Heller   Last week, our 2 Peter series began with a message of grace and peace being multiplied to our faith through ...View Details

Resolved | Part 1 | Pastor Chris Heller   This week we will begin our highly anticipated journey through the book of Second Peter! (2 Peter 1:1-4)Join...View Details

Reflections | New Year's Sermon | Pastor Chris Heller As we begin a new year, it always seems appropriate to reflect back on the previous one. This Su...View Details

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