Firm Foundation | Part 3 | Pastor Chris Heller   “Why do we do that?”After an amazing Baptism Sunday this past week, we will plan to now finish our "F...View Details

Firm Foundation | Part 2 | Pastor Chris Heller   This episode we are looking forward to part two of three in our Firm Foundations series, Renew Bible ...View Details

Firm Foundation | Part 1 | Pastor Chris Heller Join us this Sunday as we kick off our church's next chapter with a three-week September series called ...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 14 | Pastor Chris Heller   This Sunday, we will conclude our Jericho Walls series in Joshua chapters 23-24. Joshua is nearing the...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 12 | Pastor Chris Heller   Are you feeling tired, maybe lacking motivation, or do you find yourself easily frustrated? Did you kn...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 13 | Pastor Chris Heller   As we enter the final weeks of our Jericho Walls series, we leap eleven chapters filled with the conqu...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 11 | Pastor Chris Heller   This week, we will encounter the chain reaction of both of the victories at Jericho and Ai. As the new...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 10 | Pastor Chris Heller   Last week Joshua and his army fled from the forces of Ai only to learn the reason for their defeat was...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 9 | Pastor Chris Heller   Jericho has fallen! And this week we will see God’s people move on from their great victory at Jericho ...View Details

Jericho Walls | Part 8 | Pastor Chris Heller As we’ve crossed the midway point of our summer series, Jericho Walls, we have finally arrived at Joshua ...View Details

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